My First Camera – The Brownie

brownie_flash2Remember he Brownie camera that that was my first camera. Next was the one that used 120 film then a Kodak point-n-shoot camera, and some disposable ones. I wasn’t really satisfied with the way  my pictures were looking, and wanted something more.  I hinting enough about wanting a better camera around my then boyfriend. He bought me a Canon Rebel film camera for my birthday. He was a professional at photography and he taught me a lot. Not only did I shoot landscapes and nature but I loved doing sports photography.

120 film
120 film

My son was in track and field and I spent every track photographing him with speed and emotions.  I learned what panning. (Panning is the horizontal movement of a camera as it scans a moving subject.)

I went to dirt biking trials, and motorcycle races photographing them. I loved to pan because your creating a photo that know one else will have.  Unlike digital where you can see the shot taken – film leaves a mystery and anticipation since we had to send it out for developing. With digital you can delete the ones you don’t won’t and keep shooting, but there is so many different settings to choose besides aperture, shutter, ISO and white balance.  

I traded my film camera in 3 years ago and I wish I had kept it.  But, my Nikon is a sweet little camera and I know it inside and out but there’s always room for improvement.

Why do I love photography?  I love to create something beautiful for others to see. I’m my worse critic and when I see that I did good – it fills my heart with so much joy. That’s a great feeling!


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