Waves of Summer

Waves of Summer

Photo Good or Bad?

There wasn’t really much to shoot yesterday, February 2nd.  Not many birds out and the everything is pretty dreary.  But I heard to you can make something good out of something bad.

The the river had gone down stream so everything usually underwater is now in view.  I’ve never seen so much stuff – bags of old sea shells wrapped up in a net, ton’s of oyster shells group to make awesome structures. Then there were many clam and oyster shells wrapped in netted bags. I found some pretty interesting like these two that were attached and looking up at the sky.  I wanted to get them, but was afraid I’d sink in the mud.  I used my Nikon 55-300mm lens f/8, ISO 320, 1/250

It would be great to hear what you think about this photo. Photo good or bad, and if not so good what’s wrong with.

Where's my pearl!
Where’s my pearl!

Mysterious Fog Bank Oak Island, NC


Fog Banks - Oak Island 2013

It was kind of strange on the eve of Christmas.  After I left the party I went to the beach.  That’s when the fog bank rolled in.  It isn’t the first time , it was the first for the photography.   It’s strange because it happens a lot there. But I love  the art of fog since you can be creative with texture and colors. It mysterious and transcendental – what is it?

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