About Me.

I’m 61, born in Dallas, TX and lived there up till 3 years ago and now residing in Oak Island, NC. My dad died 3 years ago and have only my mom. I do have a son, age 37, along with two grandchildren, 3 and 7. They are the light of my life. 
I was a model/actress and marketer in my early days up until things changed in my life. I fell ill and had to have multiple surgeries, which caused mental health problems, and complications. I felt useless and helpless and just wanted to lay down and die where I tried suicide. I didn’t see anything out there for me. With Bipolar and ADD I felt stupid and out of control. But I got help for all that from my divination intervention that helped and guided me to the right doctors.
I decided to move to Wilmington, NC to be close to my son and family.
I joined a camera group and was talked into buying a digital camera and haven’t let go of it since. It was difficult to learn as well as editing software. But just because you have disabilities there are ways to learn. It takes a little longer – just say “I’m not letting anything stop me from my happiness.” Don’t give up. Photography is a release for me and to let out my creativity. My visions color my world in my mind and I can take that with me when I’m photographing. So much more to see and capture.
God put us on this earth for some reason for something special and I believe photography is what he gave me to paint his world and to help others in need.

4 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Hello Vicki!
    Read your portfolio, i admire your spirit in life, i love your photos
    Gotta learn more from you
    Thank you for following my blog @Hadorable
    Hope to keep in touch,


    • Thank you so much – it’s good hear that someone really enjoys my blog. I’m not a writer by no means but I do love to take pictures. Your photography is unique and beautiful and tell a story at the same time. Will keep in touch.


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