Dunpont-17Photography has always being my therapy from all the mental and emotional things I’ve been through,  Too long to mention, but I will say that a lot of it was genetic, and another was long-term mental/verbal abuse.

I know I would get up those early mornings to watch the sun come up, and the camera would be in my hand ready to be set. Waiting for the sunrise and the colors and swagger it would present that morning. I’ll be thinking about nothing else but what’s in front of me.  I’d be smiling because it’s so beautiful and so quiet with nothing but the seagulls singing across the waves.  There’s nothing like it. When you’re in the mountains it’s so breathtaking. The air is so fresh and the solitude of quiet is amazing.

Today, my challenges have  physically gotten hard.  I love to walk and hike with my camera, which has become difficult, because of my back and hip.  This I’ll have replaced in March.  I’ve been told I’ll be able to get back on my fit and meet my challenges again.

Mental and emotional is very challenging because you don’t know what picture you’ll be seeing in the mirror.  I do see good in the future because my intuition tells me with all the things I have planned I will meet those challenges head on. I’m not going to sit down and die.  I’m 63 young, and there’s too much I want to do.


I hope to meet the mountain again and this time I’ll make it to the top.




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