Traveling Solo – Living with Arthritis

whitedscn1777With a lot of fear I took a trip to the  mountains of North Carolina by myself.  The actual fear was my arthritis that has crippled me.  My hip, back and legs have a hard time withstanding a lot of activity.  But I always wanted to go to the mountains to visit and hike. I miss the activities I use to do.

First, I surprised myself by going by myself and driving 5 1/2 hours with one quick stop. I’m in my mid 60’s and I have a tendency to get confused and lost. But, I was anxious to get there. When I saw the mountains tears came to my eyes, and I said, “I made it Lord.”   You see I’ve been going through depression with the pain of arthritis.

I was determined to get my hike in and I did.  However, it was painful and difficult I did it even if I had to stop a million times.  My hiking stick was my guide and help.  My camera was my companion and we had fun.  Even though I didn’t get to hike anymore I was able to drive and take in the scenery.   Here’s are the pictures I took that were well worth it. Oh, I must mention the lovely I stayed at – River House B&B Chimney Rock, NC – if your interested in purchasing


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