Cost Savings – Buying Refurbished Lenses

My first digital camera was a Nikon D5100 and I purchased a refurbished lenses 18-105 mm lens, which was my favorite lens.  It looked new and only had a very small ding on it.  It worked like new and took great pictures.
I’ve planned a trip to the North Carolina mountains at the end of the month and really want it to be special.  Since photography is one of the reasons I’m going to go I decided to get a wide-angle lens for my Canon. I searched until I found what I wanted which is the versatile and fast EF-S 24 mm, F2.8 STM refurbished lens, also called the pancake lens.  I bought it from it’s maker, Canon, so I felt pretty good about buying it. I only paid, $119.00, which I felt was a great buy, and it even comes with a 1 year Refurbished Limited Warranty.Why refurbished?  While some prefer brand new I like good buys with a good choice lens.   After the lens passes a comprehensive quality assurance inspection an extremely functional, and cosmetic inspection is performed by trained Canon technicians so that the refurbished lens is fully operational and passes the strict cosmetic standards. Nothing leaves the house unless all standards and expectations are met.

Once I get the lens I’ll go test it at the beach for some sunset pictures.

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