Tired of Taking Bad Photos? Out of Focus, Blurry, etc

Since I got a Canon when I’m used to using a Nikon I feel out of sorts.  Every picture I took yesterday of closeups were blurry and out of focus – well crappy!  I wasn’t concentrating I was just pointing and shooti!   I had to pause and think.  Okay, Okay I know if your too close to the subject it will blur, ISO settings wrong, camera shake, etc.  I need to use my tripod for this type of photo. “I’m talking to myself”  I like my focus point to be very sharp.  When I take bad photo I get very frustrated – what did I do wrong? So try a little creativity and below is the result.

  1. Slow shutter speed could cause camera shake, which would produce a blurry image
  2. Poor focus acquisition would result in a soft image
  3. Your subject could be moving and causing a motion blur
  4. You might have a bad lens or a lens that is not capable of producing sharp photos
  5. Your ISO could be set to a very high number, resulting in lots of noise and loss of detail

Read this excellent article from Photography Life  “Taking sharp pictures.”

Sometimes no matter how long you’ve been taking pictures you may need a refresher course .

The following two pictures are the same photo.  The first one is the original photo and then I tried a few editing options in Lightroom..


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