It’s Show Time!


I have two events coming up in April – one at the gallery where I have my work, and the other at an Art Show where only 55-year-old people can enter and show.  I guess getting older has its perks. :) The problem I’m having is deciding which photos to show.  this is where my lack of confidence comes in.  I start second guessing my work by deciding if it’s good enough. I start spending money on getting more photos printed, and now I have tons of photos in front of me to choose – and the anxiety sits in.  Not only that I need more frames and mats. (the photo on the right was edited in a cartoon like software – Pelican is always a comedian.)

Doing art shows and having your work in galleries is not cheap.  You have to spend money before you see it and then you might not sell anything.  There’s a slew of great artists and photographer’s out there and I work hard to make my different.  The ideas sometimes run low and that’s the time I take a break.  However, you can’t do that when you’re in a gallery.  You have to give the gallery more work to sell.  Is this something I really want to do?  Of course it is – I’ll never know if I’ll be successful if I don’t try.

One thing they didn’t have been postcards so I have made some up hoping she can sell some of them.  She wants to make money to.  This is the one thing in the gallery that makes me different.  They may not make a lot of money selling postcards but it’s a start.  Millions of tourists come through this little coastal town and they will want to take souvenirs home.


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