Photography – Art Galleries – Fear Of Rejection


Oak Island Lighthouse
Oak Island Lighthouse

In the past, I’ve been so afraid of approaching art galleries to present my portfolio and to display my photography/art in their art gallery. Why have I not done this? Fear. I don’t like rejection and I’m afraid someone will tell me my photography sucks.  

So now I decided to approach a few and the feedback on two was – sorry not accepting photographers – they had one. Most of the art was paintings and pottery. I wouldn’t have fit in so I’m okay with that.  I was just about to decide it was no use. But then I got an email from the third gallery I emailed.  She apologized for the delay and we set an appointment in a few days.  I frantically put my portfolio together and arrived when the doors opened. It’s like applying for a job – be punctual! I showed the owner the portfolio and she was very quiet while looking.  I was starting to feel she didn’t like any of it.  Then to my surprise, she said she would love for me to display in her gallery. Yea! Yikes! Yea!

We talked about what she was looking for as far as some new work.  This is a tourist town and thousands and thousands of people come through the Southport, NC area. The little coastal town is so cute with lots of history.  So my approach was to photograph the places that people come to see.  Plus, I thought I would make some postcards,  note cards, etc.  Not all at one time – need revenue first. I already had some items in stock so I’m going to start out with what I have.   Open day for me is April 4th.  I’m stoked!

Summary – it shows to never give up on yourself. Low self-esteem, fear, lack of confidence – if you don’t try you’ll never know you’ll never know about yourself. Face your fears it will come easier each time until someone around the corner will say, “I’d love to show your work.”


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