New Handmade Jewelry

Designs by Vickie  All new handmade jewelry can be found at the link below


Truth About Me and Photography

I’m a photographer and artist living in Wilmington, NC, but born in Dallas, TX. I think I was born to be a creative person. I started out modeling and photography just came to me. I’m a self-taught creative person. I have ADHD and reading books or going to school was out of the question. Focus is the problem.

I’m a visual person. I use google and sometimes magazines for need to know. Also, good photographer friends. My first camera besides the brownie was the Canon Rebel Film camera. Looking back I don’t know how I took such great pictures without seeing them first. When I went to digital I was amazed. The learning curve was using the light sources – AV, TV, ISO and White Balance. I finally nipped that in the bud. Lighting is very important to a great picture. I still struggle for the most important shot.  But I never quit.

I don’t own expensive camera equipment. I had to sell my favorite camera and went back to the Canon EOS Rebel with 4 lens – 24 mm,40 mm, 35-85 mm, and 85-300 mm. I do wish I had a better zoom. But I’m what you call a starving artist., and constantly looking for support. I love photography and it comes from the heart. Every thing I approach I try my damnest to make a perfect picture. I see so many photos out there that are perfection. But is perfection what sales? I don’t know.

I’m humble by sharing and at least trying to sell and promote. At least I’m trying.

Beautiful Sunrises – Matted Prints

As you know I sell on Etsy – and I’m trying my best to sell and get traffic.  So hopefully, by posting my items here on WordPress might help.  Thanks for visiting.

Selling 8 x 10 Matted 5 x 7 Prints of the beautiful sunrises at Myrtle Beach, SC
Sunrises over Myrtle Beach, SC



Thank You Cards



Just click on the photos and the link to my shop will appear

Nice cards for different occasions.  Just Opened store and putting in new products Cards are 4 x 6 Blank Inside, Folded, Glossy and printed on nice card stock.

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