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I do not sell with ease with my etsy jewelry shop. It’s very competitive and I find it hard to make something that’s well received. What do people one? I see sellers who have sold 100’s to 1000’s of jewelry. And the thing is mine are very similar. I do a lot research for trends, ideas, and what others are selling.

Etsy is raising their fees from 3.5% to 5% and tax shipping. I offer great prices and free shipping which will be difficult.  I need to come up with something really special t8hat I can make and sell. I wish someone could help me. I’m retired with Parkinson’s disease and making jewelry has been my best therapy.

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Truth About Me and Photography

I’m a photographer and artist living in Wilmington, NC, but born in Dallas, TX. I think I was born to be a creative person. I started out modeling and photography just came to me. I’m a self-taught creative person. I have ADHD and reading books or going to school was out of the question. Focus is the problem.

I’m a visual person. I use google and sometimes magazines for need to know. Also, good photographer friends. My first camera besides the brownie was the Canon Rebel Film camera. Looking back I don’t know how I took such great pictures without seeing them first. When I went to digital I was amazed. The learning curve was using the light sources – AV, TV, ISO and White Balance. I finally nipped that in the bud. Lighting is very important to a great picture. I still struggle for the most important shot.  But I never quit.

I don’t own expensive camera equipment. I had to sell my favorite camera and went back to the Canon EOS Rebel with 4 lens – 24 mm,40 mm, 35-85 mm, and 85-300 mm. I do wish I had a better zoom. But I’m what you call a starving artist., and constantly looking for support. I love photography and it comes from the heart. Every thing I approach I try my damnest to make a perfect picture. I see so many photos out there that are perfection. But is perfection what sales? I don’t know.

I’m humble by sharing and at least trying to sell and promote. At least I’m trying.

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