Visions of “My Universe”


I take pictures of mostly nature.  However, sometimes you want to get more creative and use your mental visions to create something within yourself.  I’ve learned to photograph different textures or silk like materials then download to my computer.  Using my imaging editing took I start creating by using light painting, drawing, special effects, and sometimes overlays. Whatever the outcome it will be what my visions were whispering to me.  It may not be perfect, but sometimes that’s the best outcome. This particular piece is called “My Universe.”

I love the creation of our universe and this is what I visioned

Street Photography


soccer - Copy
rugby game. just passing by and stopped to get photo of some muddy guys

You may have seen a lot of candid photography all over the Internet and wondered, what is it all about? If you’ve never tried it before, or only have a bit of experience, in fact you may already shot street photography or candid photography.  It’s the art of capturing life, culture, people in their actions.  It is fascinating because a small percentage of photographers seem to be naturally drawn to it. Even before hearing about the phrase street photography, there are many photographers who prefer to point their cameras in the direction of culture and people that they’ve never._DSC7026-1 met before, over mountains, sunsets, and landscapes

I started street photography walking down the street with camera in hand just snapping anything thing was interesting.  Like a blind blues singer sitting on the corner of the street playing the blues and people chunk change in his empty coffee can.  But latter I started being a little more selective.  I look into the crowded for interesting people, actions and reactions.

My favorite is candid photography at high profile cocktail parties. I try to stand back and be as invisible as possible.  People are great when they’ve had a few drinks and hamming it up.  Also, photographing models at a runaway show getting ready for their show. From no make up to being dolled up.  I just act like i’m not there and their usually not paying any attention to you.

The great thing about it, people starting asking how they can obtain a photo.  That’s when you hand out business cards.

Street photography is one of the most difficult forms of photography, because it is so unplanned. You might meetup with someone who preferred not to have their picture taken. A world of content is out there for you, and it is your job to go find it. You must develop your own visual language, to be able to see interesting moments, then to figure out how to capture them all in a quick, spontaneous instant manner. This takes regular practice. I’ve been doing street/candid photography for nearly 9 years. I  carry carry my camera every where I go so I want miss that special shot.

Enjoy the feeling of being out there, because it’s necessary to love it, to be able to put in the time to be successful. Don’t be shy…


New Years Resolution – 2016

There was too much chaos in 2015 and I plan to change that in 2016.

Inspirational Walkway
Inspirational Walkway

My photography has been on hiatus in 2015 mainly because of my hip problem.  That problem will be solved after hip replacement.

Plan to visit history in North Carolina.  North Carolina has some of the finest little picturesque towns. I plan to visit as many as I can. Interested in being unique and do some storytelling this year.

Hiking in the mountains again but this time with a new hip.

Create jewelry that’ll sell with better photography.  I’ve been having a problem with this. I have a prime 24, 40, 35-80, 75-300, you would think one of these would take great closeups. No worry I’ll work at it.

I’m a compulsive spender Goal?  To start – go 2 weeks without spending any money.  Being a  compulsive spender is difficult but  maybe with a goal I can 2 weeks, then maybe 3 and so on.  At the end of the month, we’ll see if I saved any money.

My 18-year-old grandson will be moving in with me – wish me luck.

One magical day a unicorn showed me a camera and the rest is history.

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