Macro Extension Tubes or Filter Magnifer’s

I’m having a hard decision to make. I have a 55-300 macro telephoto lens but I want to get closer – This is for my Canon. On my Nikon I got the versatile 18-105mm lens and wondered if they would work them.

I guess my question is – which one would you buy  Or, do you have a suggestion?

The Photo below was taken with my iPhone 5s then on Adobe Photoshop e Elements I then moved in closer. Not bad for a iPhone.


Daffodils – iPhone 5s

Finding the right Camera – Challenging

If you’re on a budget and don’t  have a lot of money finding the right camera can be a challenge.  Depending on your level of experience there are many to choose from for beginners. While Intermediate to Semi Pro have a many to choose. But, the prices are start growing and it’s hard to decide which one is the best. Nikon or Canon? Then there’s Pentax Sony and Olympus in the digital field. Then there’s the Pro and Full Frame Cameras that start around $2,000. Most cameras come with a kit lens. but if you’re like me you’re looking for a faster lens whether it’s wide angle, macro or telephoto. The macro is sometimes combined with the telephoto.



Previously, I had a Nikon D5100.  I loved it. I was my first digital camera, and it seem like the best camera to start with.  It took me a while, but when I learned more about lighting it became much easier.  Unfortunately, I had to sell it for personal reasons.

I was lost for about half a year without my camera.  I didn’t  know what to do with myself.  I felt lost like loosing my best friend.  Really!

Recently , I bought a Canon Rebel T5 only because it was cheap and I wanted a camera right a way.  It’s great for beginners but it wasn’t much of a challenge for me.  I started searching for a Nikon and the prices are so high with the way pixels are rising. I decided to not worry so much about pixels but the camera itself. I had heard to not concentrate on pixels unless you’re making large print pictures like poster size. I must admit they probably have sharper picture. If you don’t have the money you don’t have it.  I went to ebay and started searching and decided on a Nikon D90 used camera on ebay until I could afford the a full frame camera. I was scared to buy a used one, but I made the right choice and was in perfect condition. The Nikon D90 was a great camera in it’s day and i bought 18-105mm Nikon lens.  It has more capabilities than my Canon and I carry it every while.  I know when I’m out shooting I had wish I had a second camera with a telephoto and macro.  You have it all then.


Camera vs. Lens

Last September I had to give up my camera for financial reasons, which was hard.  I knew one day I would buy another one, although, it’s not like my other one.  It’s what I could afford.   Bur it’s been driving me crazy.

I went on a wild search for a Camera and having a budget was hard.  I thought I’d found one until I realized I had bought a Canon Rebel T5 when I wanted a T51. I was so upset because I missed the deadline to return it.   I asked myself should I just invest in a better lens instead.

Easy and timeless answer: always put your money into your lenses. This is because lenses have far more to do with picture quality and ease of use, and because lenses retain their monetary and photographic value indefinitely while camera bodies become worth little in a few years.

My first lens besides the kit lens 18-55, 55-300, I bought a EF 40mm F2.8 STM Pancake Lens.  What should my next lens one be>  Hum…

Fall Colors

What to do when it’s cold outside!

The  weather has been so cold and I’m not a cold weather person so I tried to feed my creativity with other options.  I decided to go through all my pictures and re-edited some of the ones I did a long time ago. Back then, I really didn’t know what I was doing, and now, I’m a little better at it. It’s good practice and you might create sometime amazing.

Like Fall